Come As You Are!

The Boys’ House is a safe environment for 12-28 year old boys and young men. At the Boys’ House boys are considered as individuals and everyone’s strengths are appreciated. The Boys’ House is a place free from bullying and discrimination. Everyone is met as an equal here regardless of one’s social, ethnic or cultural background, beliefs, opinions or who one happens to like. The Boys’ House organizes individual, group and open activities. The type of activity is chosen on the basis of a boy’s or young man’s current situation and needs. The Boys’ House is a place to meet new friends and find meaningful things to do.


Forms of Activities at the Boys’ House:

Individual appointments allow you to come and talk to the workers of the Boys’ House personally. Individual appointments are conversational, often combined with some kind of meaningful activity. You can book a time through e-mail, call us or send a text message or a private message through Facebook. Our conversation can already be started through the chosen communication form.

Group Activities The Boys’ House arranges group activities based on different kinds of needs. Groups can be formed based on existing activities within the Boys’ House or based on ideas received through other networks. The groups usually last for a couple of months. Group work requires the participants to be commitment towards the group activities.

Open Activities include the Living Room and the Café for 18 Years and Older which are activities provided according to the request of the Boys’ House visitors. During the open activity times you are welcome to come and spend fun free time at the Boys’ House, for example playing games, reading magazines, talking to new and old friends or making food.

  • Living Room, on Thursdays 14:00-19:30 (for 12-17 year olds)
  • Café for 18 Years and Older, on Mondays 13:00-16:00 (for 18-28 year olds)


Interested in Participating in the Activities of the Boys’ House?

You can get to know the Boys’ House by calling us or sending us an e-mail and asking for a personal tour (link to contact information). You can also explore the Boys’ House by participating in the open activities. We are located in the Oulu city center, the address is Isokatu 41 A13 (link to the map).